Top 10 Current Fashion Trends For 2022 

Top 10 Current Fashion Trends For 2022 

by NY Mag

With each year that we welcome, we also usher in several new trends and changes that sweep us over. You can take a look around you to understand how unconsciously yet eagerly, we look forward to the new changes and trends to spice up our lives. 

From the use of advanced technology in the escape room Bangalore industry to the latest fashion trends of the year 2022, there are many areas to keep up with as soon as the new year rolls in. The fashion industry, in particular, has much to anticipate this year. Fashion trends that you should look forward to this year are the bolder and fresher looks, alongside a subtle imitation of the 90s style.  

The post-pandemic era holds much promise towards elevating the fashion trends to make up for the lockdown periods. So, without wasting any more time, let us explore the top 10 current fashion trends for 2022!   

1. Comfy Sweater Vests  

Top 10 Current Fashion Trends For 2022 


Comfortable fabrics like cashmere knitted in solid and sober colors are bound to turn a few heads as you walk down the streets this year. You can even wear an oversized sweater vest paired with your favorite bootcut or straight pants. Miniskirts can also go well with your sweater visit for a minimalistic look.  

2. The denim-on-denim look. 

The denim-on-denim look is back again on the streets! As people around flaunt the monochromatic outlook, you can opt for a change by picking out a denim-on-denim look. Nowadays, you can even choose from a wide number of shades of denim colors, from dark to mellow, from ripped to even embroidered! You can either wear a perfectly color-coordinated set of denim or just pick any two shades for your top and bottom wear.   

3. Embrace colors in their variety! 

Vibrant colors and shades are ruling the fashion world this year. It can be something as simple as a pair of colored heels to finish your LBD or even wearing vibrantly color-coordinated joggers with a crop tee. Try out bright colors like orange, blue, green, or pink and coordinate them such that they look well on your body!   

4. Crochet wear. 

Say hello to the crochet fashion trends of the 70s! People looking for crochet clothes have successively gone up to 85% since last July and continue to rise. Be it a simple beach holiday or your regular summer vacations, crochet wear can be the perfect way to dress. Crochet dresses and sets are particularly high-in-demand these days! Not only does crochet wear offer you a comfortable fit, but they also offer you a degree of elegance. To finalize your look, choose simplistic accessories to compliment your crochet outfit.   

5. Welcome back, pleated skirts! 

Your favorite pleated skirts are back yet again on the streets. Maxi to midi to even miniskirts are coming back again in their perfectly-pleated glory! Both broad and narrow pleats have become quite trendy in the fashion world currently. You can top it off with a minimalistic-looking blouse or sweater and boots or sneakers on your feet. Completing your outfit with a pair of classic open-toed heels can make your look more elegant.   

6. Fringed outfits  

Using tassels or fringes on your outfit is also a handsome trend this year. It gives you more of a boho look. It offers you a rather flattering yet simplistic look. Try on a long-line maxi dress with little fringes on the side or bottom. Tasseled dresses with an earthy and sober tone can also be a great choice to beat the summer hues.   

7. The Florals look! 

Fashion trends over the years have almost always tried to hold on to the ties between femininity and floral outbursts. With time, as women grow to become more empowered, the association of floral design is consequently also changing. From stunning evening gowns in floral designs to offer you elegance to flirty mini dresses that flaunt every curve on your body, there is much to look up to! 

8. Puff sleeves 

Yes! Puff sleeves are still on trend! Ever since it entered the fashion world in 2018, it has maintained its relevance and authority. The balloon sleeves or bell sleeves that look larger than even your life are a global trend. You can even find puff sleeves on sweater vests and even gowns today!  

9. Sweet pastels 

Pastel colors are a favorite shade in almost every season, from spring to winter. This year, the pastel shades are combining delicacy with a daring attitude. A frothy ruffle on your short lengths is making outfits seem so much more attractive than ever before. Matching sets of pastels or sweatsuits can also be your fashion statement this year!  

10. Monochrome hues 

Of course, you cannot forget the monochromatic vibes in maintaining your wardrobe this year! Be it layering a white shirt with a black mini dress, combined with scarves to finish the look, or simply a white dress with black heels or boots, the trend is on. The monochromatic color code gives you much elegance. Textured and layered designs on your favorite monochromes are becoming quite a trend too!  


With even more fashion trends rocking the stage today, the post-pandemic fashion trends are making up for the lost pandemic period. Out of all the fashion trends that we discussed above, which one do you want to try the most?  

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