High-quality SHOES


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Did you understand that 35% of women have had an evening destroyed by an off-kilter pair of shoes? A comparable report by ShopSmart, likewise saw that 61% of women have passed on the second pair of shoes to an event as a security measure for foot torture!

To all of our ladies out there, you understand the disturbance we’re talking about!

We have all taken out two or three heels to get down on the dance floor! They say “greatness is tortured,” yet does it really should be? At Menina Step, we esteem unrivaled grade, handmade women’s footwear around here Menina Step. For our motivations, hand-custom fitted and first-class shoes go inseparable (truly).

We give upscale, sensible, and pleasing shoes, so you can continue with that city life walking around unquestionably as could be anticipated! Hand-fitted shoes are the solution to your interests, and we’re here to disclose to you why. Keep on examining to acquire capability with painstakingly gathered shoes and why you need to do the switch!

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High-quality SHOES


Your feet are the best genuinely strong organization you will anytime have, from a genuine perspective! They pass on us out of control! An article posted by FootCare MD observes that to manage your feet, “your shoes should be pleasing, sensible, and fit well.

Essentially, the shoe fits the condition of your foot. Restricted and tight shoes achieve foot issues.” So for what design are such huge quantities of our shoes not tending to these prerequisites? Indeed, above all else, our feet are somewhat high upkeep, and as it ought to be! Do you accept that the makers making your shoes care about your calluses, sway point bends, or extended feet?

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Most likely not! So maybe that is the explanation those “ready-to-wear,” proficiently fabricated, handling plant shoes essentially aren’t cutting it any more extended! Hence, could we explore a couple of legitimizations for why hand-tailored shoes are a boundlessly further developed theory for your feet!


The course of hand-creation shoes is careful and drawn-out, but surely worth the inevitable result. A skilled maker completes the awesome sewing on each shoe with point-by-point exactness with each touch.

From the beginning to the extensively furthest reaches of the cycle, unbelievable thought and careful attention are put on gathering the tongue to the eyelets to the uppers, to the sole, all of this physically!

These expert shoemakers achieve the troublesome work, so your feet don’t have to! It’s an optimal chance to stop saying, It’s likewise an incredible chance to put resources into great shoes that will give you the most bang for your dollars!


  • Life length
  • Sturdiness
  • Arrangement
  • Comfort
  • Life length

Life span

Shoemakers put exceptional time and care into the shoemaking framework so your shoes can endure ordinary difficulties.

Hand-custom-made shoes are made with quality materials and are absolutely sewn and sewed to the tee. This fastidiousness ensures that your shoes will persevere through longer than corporate store shoes, which are oftentimes made with humble materials.

Accepting expense is a concern, shift your focus from the number of shoes to quality. Placing assets into a respectable, first-class pair of shoes will save your money as time goes on.


Hand-custom-made shoes are delivered utilizing first-rate materials as top-quality cowhide and animal stow away. Two benefits from using these materials include:

Having the choice to endure the mileage of step by step practices diverged from the corporate store “designed” materials

Calfskins go against tearing and infiltrating, things various brands are leaned to

The solidness of shoes depends upon:

  • Development level
  • How routinely they are worn
  • Level of care

This premise proceeds as before for corporate stores and high-quality shoes. In any case, everything gets back to those first-class materials! Your hand-fitted shoes are made to bear your consistently’s experiences!


From shoes to loafers to expressive dance cushions and shoes, high-quality shoes are made with a singular touch and empower us to oblige your own personal style! An assortment of colors, plans, and materials are accessible to the maker, so you can, by and large, observe a sort that adulates your look! Like our feet, we are not “one size fits all,” which is the reason we put assets into first-class materials with the goal that you can have an exceptional experience wearing them!


We all in all understand your feet can’t depend upon shoes delivered utilizing unobtrusive, unsafe quality materials. Appropriate shoes quickly lose support and plan and leave your feet in torture!

Another ShopSmart definite that women routinely own 17 arrangements of shoes yet wear three reliably. Why do they not wear the other 14? Since they are abnormal! Shoes made with first-rate materials give comfort that is without a doubt worth the money.

Incredible cowhides and materials structure the shape and size of your feet. Later some time, the solace of an incredible pair of shoes is identical to nestling upon the adoration seat with a warm cup of coffee.


The course of hand-creation shoes has been around for a long time. For instance, the styles of shoes, like round-toes, square-toed, or stages, have changed. Today, most shoemakers can rely upon fundamental hand gadgets and a trusty sewing machine to help them with getting it done!


  • Drawing an arrangement
  • Picking materials
  • Cutting
  • Gathering
  • Sewing


Is any practical person would consent that you are identifying a subject here? Around here at Menina Step, our focal objective is to give elegant, sensible, and hand-custom fitted shoes.

Likewise, plan to have your brain blown. We can give you these at a sensible expense! Ladies, we understand that shoes are one of the principal factors of your outfit (over 28% of you, to be exact!)

That is the reason we should offer all that you look for in an incredible brand. Our unprecedented Spanish-style shoes will similarly keep you looking breathtaking and feeling better.

In outline, painstakingly gathered shoes are a fantastic endeavor for your style, yet moreover for your wallet and your feet! Later some time, buying hand-tailored shoes will save you a yearly or month-to-month outing to the corporate store to restock your shoes!

The broad and versatile making process ensures that your shoes will be pleasing, continue to go a surprisingly long time, endure your regular endeavors, and give a singular touch to your step-by-step style!

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