Detailed information on PNB CSP services

Detailed information on PNB CSP services

by NY Mag

In this article, I am going to give detailed information on PNB CSP services. Before discussing its services, we should know about CSP. So, CSP is a digital booth that is just like a small branch of a bank that provides maximum services of a bank like money transactions, account opening, cash deposit, cash withdrawal, passbook printing, loan, and insurance services. It also offers the government schemes like PMSBY, PMJJY, etc. So, there are many services offered by the CSP including these. So, now we are going to discuss every service in detail.

First, you should know that Punjab National Bank has got merged with the Oriental bank of commerce and the United bank of India. So, after that, there become some changes in its benefits also central bank of india kiosk. So, we will discuss that also.

For getting the details about services offered by the PNB CSP, you need to visit PNB’s official website, and after that, you need to log in. After login, you can see the list of services like Transactions, Aadhar seeding status inquiries, social security schemes, EASE services, Aadhar seeding, enrollments, print passbook, Enrollment status inquiry, bill pay, and activate Sub-BCA. By offering these services to the customers, you will earn some small commission.


Under transactions, there are many services like AEPS, SHG, Third-party deposit, IMPL, INDO NEPAL, and, transaction history.

Talking about AEPS means Aadhar enabled payment services, In this service, you have to take the fingerprint of the customer and after that, you can do their balance inquiry, cash deposit, cash withdrawal, fund transfer, and can check their mini statement. To provide these services, you need to fill in their Aadhar number also and select their respective banks. Then, you can check their balance and mini statements. For cash deposit and cash withdrawal, you need to fill in the amount that needs to be deposited or withdrawn. You can only do the cash deposit for the PNB bank. For fund transfer, you need to fill in the Aadhar number of the customer as well as the person to whom this money will be transferred and after that, you need to choose that person’s bank also and fill the amount and also fill in the remarks, after filling everything correctly, you need to do the biometric authentication of that customer. After that, you can do the money transfer.

Detailed information on PNB CSP services

Self Help Group (SHG)

SHG means self-help group. Under this service, a joint account is opened. This service is generally provided in rural areas mostly. Same services come under this which come under AEPS like balance inquiry, cash deposit, cash withdrawal, fund transfer, and can check their mini statement but it works for joint account. The process of providing these services is exactly the same as AEPS.

Third-Party Deposit

For this service, you need to fill in the Aadhar number of that person only to whom money is going to transfer. You just need to fill in the Aadhar number and after that, you need to validate his account number and after that, you can fill in the amount and do the deposit.

information about IMPS

You can do the fund transfer using this service. You need to fill in the Aadhar number of the customer and authenticate it. It comes under the ‘account’ service. There is a ‘cash’ service in which you have to fill in all details of that person like name, mobile number, email address, account number, IFSC code, bank name, and the amount also. After filling in everything correctly, you can do the fund transfer.

Other services

There is a service named INDO NEPAL, this special service is for Nepal immigrants who are living in India. You can provide all services to them. You can also check anyone’s transaction history in just a few clicks. You can also check the linking of an Aadhar with the account and check its status of any customer under the Aadhar seeding status inquiry service. You just need to fill in the Aadhar number of that customer. You can apply for government schemes like Atal pension yojana, PMJJY, and, PMSBY under the social security scheme. Under EASE service you can apply for a debit card, cheque status inquiry, renewal of term deposit, and NEFT. You can also request a new cheque, SMS, or email alert also. You can also open an account under the enrollments service. Under this service, you can also do recurring deposits (RD) or fixed deposits (FD) and check their status. You can also print the passbook of the customer by just filling in their account number.

So, these are some main services which you can provide to the customer and can earn a good commission.

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