7 Best Free And Premium WordPress Plugins For Instagram Feed

7 Best Free And Premium WordPress Plugins For Instagram Feed

by NY Mag

When Instagram comes to marketing, social media has taken over a large sphere of not only the digital world but in general the whole market system. Now, not only do big brands and associations seek a direction of promoting their products and services under the large umbrella of social media but small startups and businesses are also actively trying their fortune under this.

If you own a WordPress website then your website must be integrated with WHMCS to manage all the complex website operations. Therefore, if you want to make your WordPress website more attractive then it is recommended to integrate with the best WHMCS Themes WordPress.

The neverending web of social media has been a great support to all brands be it big or small.

Most of the advanced features of plugins come under the premium versions which cost a lot.

Here are the 7 best free and premium WordPress plugins for Instagram feed.

7 Best Free And Premium WordPress Plugins For Instagram Feed

Premium WordPress Plugins For Instagram

7 Best WordPress Plugins for Instagram Feeds:

1.   Taggbox Widget

What can be better than having a plugin which is not only free but requires no coding and gives an active hassle-free integration?

With high compatibility with any device and attractive customizations, Taggbox Widget is a go-to solution when it comes to using the Instagram widget plugin for WordPress.

You can also keep a check on the widget with its content moderation feature. You can also gather various social media content from different platforms and publish it on your web. The social stories feature wherein you can have short-time promotions and whatnot, gives the best creativity to the web. Some additional features are as follows:-

  • Hashtag campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • UGC galleries
  • User review widget

With so many options available to celebrate one web, the Taggbox widget is no doubt becoming the preference of all.

2.   Access Press Instagram Feed

This is a free WordPress plugin for Instagram which helps in showcasing your post images in many views be it mosaic, grid, or slider view.

By giving three beautifully designed layouts, one can choose any of them to enter the particulars of their social media.

The best part is that it is compatible with mobile devices and is highly user-friendly. Anyone can use it.

Not only this, it has short codes and widgets included and there are free updates available.

3.   WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

This widget is like a one-stop destination that will cater to all your needs. A very simple tool that has easy setup and layout.

It’s a very lightweight plugin with a Lightbox feature and what can be more amazing than customizing your bio and avatar? It does it all.

Unlike the previous widget we discussed, it does not require any Instagram access token.

The only demerit is that it sets a limit on the number of images to be displayed.

4.   Meks Easy Instagram Widget

By providing many smart options to create a more attractive Instagram feed, this widget has managed to have an outstanding position of its own in the race of best and free plugins.

It combines media from several different tags as well.

Following are some of its features:-

  • Gets the Instagram pictures by the username.
  • Gives you the autonomy to choose how many columns you would like to display on the Instagram images.
  • It also sets out the spacing in between the Instagram pictures.

5.   Instashow-  WordPress Instagram Gallery

Easy to connect widget, that’s all we look for. If that is something on your bucket list then this tool is the best for you.

With live updates and a responsive system, this plugin has gone way too far in serving all-purpose needs. It not only filters your Instagram images but also helps in posting non-square pictures. Isn’t this feature a life savior?

The only drawback is that the shortcodes become a bit long.

6.   10Web Social Photo Feed

This plugin is an easy way to customize your Instagram feed. It helps in getting Instagram posts from certain user accounts or tags or hashtags. A user-friendly plugin comes with several benefits like:-

  • Surges user engagement and traffic.
  • Time-saving.
  • Requires minimum effort and is resource-efficient too.
  • Adds a captivating approach to your website.

7.   Tagembed

A powerful social media aggregator, Tagembed offers multiple features which serve as a wholesome plate catering to all needs. With just a 4 step process, you can easily produce an engaging website.

Using hashtags, profile mentions, tags, you can accumulate valuable social content from different social media platforms. To have a premium quality of the site, they offer a profanity filter wherein you can remove the unwanted content and posts. Thereby, making your site and platform the best.

By providing various themes, fonts, layouts, and styles, you can customize your content in the best way possible. And voila, with a coding-free experience you can embed these social media networks on your website and also enhance your social media platforms.


When it comes to using widgets or plugins in general, we all look for an affordable range of widgets that can cater to all our needs and thus, help in growing traffic and engagement on the websites.

These tools not only help to customize fonts, colors but also help in displaying the Instagram feed in the best desirable way.

Instagram has no doubt taken over a large arena of social media and is on the boom when it comes to the promotion of products and services. It adds icing on the cake when brands embed social media platforms on their websites, thus increasing the engagements as well as traffic on the website.

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